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Vimeo iPad & iPhone

After reading TUAW Article that read “Vimeo now on iPad, iPhone”, I threw up my hands in excitement.  I love me some good videos, movies, films.  Big fan of Vimeo. In a different life I would go into films.  Anyways back to Vimeo on the iPad and iPhone.  I saw the title of the article by Mike S. over at TUAW pop up in my RSS feed in Outlook and gave it a read.  After reading I pulled out my iPad and was excited to see the new changes.  After getting onto the website I tried a featured video in my inbox which brought me to the section named “The Vimeo HD Channel on Vimeo” and tried to play the Chemistry For Life video.  After waiting and waiting it never loaded and just showed a black screen.  What the FUCK!

Before the videos would at least play, did Vimeo move a step back and remove the portion of HTML 5 and go back to the evil Flash (not evil, well…) they added to there website back in April?  These thoughts flowed through my mind, then I did a few test, searched for a video on my iPad and searched for some videos like Maestro Knows.  I found that individual videos DO work on the iPad.  The HD channels DO NOT work.  After cursing, I picked up the handy iPhone and wanted to see what new changes the Vimeo tech team had implemented. Saw nothing new… In fact, the iPhone version of Vimeo only let’s users view featured “Vimeo Plus” members videos.  All and all is nothing changed and I am pissed, I got excited for old news.  Vimeo has limited features in HTML 5 which let’s you watch certain videos in certain places, which equal limitations.  Screw limitations (was going to drop the F bomb again, but tried to keep it classy).  

Hope you don’t go through what I did.

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